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Make a Red Gourd Shakere
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Make a “Snake” with Cowrie Shells Gourd Shekere

  1. Put an Image on the Gourd

  2. Drill the Cowrie Shell Beads

  3. Knot on Shell Beads (Noise makers)

  4. Cut Bottom Hole Add Knots, Perform Winter Solstice Rituals

  5. Add Feathers

  6. It Flies

Make an Gourd Rattle with Black Walnut Knockers

  1. Prepare Black Walnut Beads

  2. Preparing the Design, Cutting and Pyrography

  3. Coloring the Rattle

  4. Attaching the Walnuts
  5. Add the Feathers and Finish the Rattle

A Foraged Foxtail

Honnu Turtle Guiro
 : Add the Feathers and Finish the Rattle :

I felt in advance that feathers would give the whole thing the “hairdo” look.
attaching the rest of the walnuts

In this same photo as the end of the last step - if you look closely at the walnut attachment for the bead in the top row on the left, you can see the knot I tied in the hemp twine to anchor the feathers. This knot “stoppers” the feathers to hold them in place.

the first set of feathers

In the background you can see the pack of embroidery thread from which I selected a black skein to tie the feathers onto the walnut stringer. I plucked about a half dozen hackle feathers from the neck or tail (I eventually ran out of nice hackles) and arranged them so that they could be held together with the hemostats, leaving about 3/4 of an inch of the bottom of the feathers all bunched and aligned, ready to tie on. I lined them up with the knot and tied them on with the black embroidery thread. I knotted about a half dozen half hitches in a row, quite tightly, then snipped the excess embroidery thread and the excess hemp line.

finished walnut gourd rattle 1
finished walnut gourd rattle 2

Next the remaining walnut stringers had their respective clumps of feathers attached. It makes a very different noise than any of th others.

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