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We made the ritually significant multi family pilgrimage to the country this past weekend, and it seems the spirits were propitiated. It is time for a project, they put the fire under the spirits in my djembe. Here is evidence of the ritual drive in pilgrimage, Ikey posing with the screen.
evidence of a ritual pilgrimage

My djembe has been shaming me for a while. I got it off of Becky Raveneyes from my drumming group. It wants to be played so I set it where it could talk to me. It did, it said move your Mamady Keita book and cd close so you can be even more shamed. So I did. Now the spirits are fired up, they finally it made me take it out in the living room and play it. I'll have to study it now, or the Goddess shaker won't turn out.
the djembe shames me

I knew I was saving up for something. I told my wife I would make her a shaker, which surprised her, and then while we were doing gardening work, she said, out of the blue. Here is a stick you could use in your voodoo stuff. I said, well, this is the goddess for sure. Take a look at the stick she gave me.
goddess stick

I have been saving up special stuff for a while, and they will fit this project very well. Here is the stick, together with desicated citrus fruits, and our accidentally desicated pet parakeet. I knew I was preparing these items for a project but didn't yet have the project in mind. I'll also need to drill out the rest of my supply of snake cowries, but only on one end. I have an enormo gourd that will be perfect for this, it needs much washing as the first step. Maybe you'll check back later what I have in mind.
some material for the goddess shaker
I lit a candle, near a convenient vessel of water and turned a card. Santero (King of Coins). He is pictured making an offering of herbs to the bata drum, so I think I will just finish this update and go cut some rosemary and sage. Wink Wink Nod Nod.

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