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I was making a guiro from a birdhouse gourd. While I was driving around, I was thinking about the pattern of the mottles above the short grooves. It had to be a turtle.
honnu turtle quiro - bottle gourd
So I got out my woodburner to make sure I could see it better as I finish the grooves.

Over the next couple of days, I used my short slim file like a demon and finished off all the friction grooves. Then I let the turtle's shell line come all the way around. I made holes as in a bowling ball set of holes to hold the guiro (not my idea, I read it somewhere else). Next setps will be coloring and further decorating. I think the front has to come off to make more of a hawksbill but I'm not fully sure yet. It makes it look more snakelike to have the front as it is. Rebecca things it should be an elephant with the grooves running down the front of the trunk.
turtle quiro from a bottle gourd - further work
I will show off more as it is ready to show off. I see a sun on one side with the lines bing the sumbeams, but it is also an eye - how to reconcile the visions?

And you won't believe this - but it is LOUD. hehehe - I found a nice square chopstick which makes an excellent scraper stick.

Yesterday I walked down to the river. I heard natural shakers - seed pods rattling in the December wind on a tree next to the trail. Then I found a natural shaker - a stem with some pods with seeds rattling in them like great huge crepe myrtle pods. I looked around and could tell I had seen this kind of place before - a place with spiritual energy. So I picked up the shaker and played and sang, then shook the shaker all the way back again.
first stages of adding design to the guiro
Later I sketched out the designs I could see emerging. I found that this wasn't a sea turtle but a snapping turtle and fixed his legs accordingly. I'm still thinking of the mouth.

The symbol has meaning. It seems to have come home from the river with me.

snapping turtle with an open mouth

Here is a snapping turtle that I was thinking of.

finished gourd guiro in rafia

I hurried up and finished it because it needs to be done tonight, I tacked on the scraper but everything else is quite done now I think and it sounds pretty nice.
finished gourd guiro other side with green leather dye

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