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This leopard rattle sat a long time waiting to finish. The shell was done long in advance and then one day I knew it was time to finish it.
gourd rattle in leopard motif on ronald reagan shirt
The Leopard/Lady Rattle
I've broken down making the rattle into steps. The steps could be further broken down. It isn't hard, but it does take some time. Get some supplies and get going. It sounds great.

You will need
one cured birdhouse gourd (or other hard shelled gourd)
leather dye
hemp twine
heavy thread
bit of cloth
bit of chamois leather
pea gravel
and tools:
a dremel tool or a fine tooth hacksaw, beading pliers or needle nose pliers, scissors, plastic scrubber, washing tub/bucket, wood burner or pyorogrpahy tool

If you don't already know about getting and cleaning gourds, look at Getting Nice Clean Gourds, the first step in the Red Gourd project.

  1. Decorate the outer shell of your gourd with pyrography and leather dyes

  1. Filling the Gourd Rattle
  2. Pea gravel and seeds are used for the noisemaker inside the rattle

tying feathers onto the rattle for better juju

  1. Add the Scarf and Rooster Feathers to Finish the Rattle

The hat gives it a good anthro look and the feathers give it a bit more jujuj. Maybe it will need it.

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