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Make a Red Gourd Shakere
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Make a “Snake” with Cowrie Shells Gourd Shekere

  1. Put an Image on the Gourd

  2. Drill the Cowrie Shell Beads

  3. Knot on Shell Beads (Noise makers)

  4. Cut Bottom Hole Add Knots, Perform Winter Solstice Rituals

  5. Add Feathers

  6. It Flies

A Foraged Fox Tail
 : How to Make a Gourd Shekere : Making the Bead Net

End Rings were hand measured acrose the upper so that they could slide over the bulge of the upper, but not the lower bulge. The feather boa was wrapped directly and held. I had ready some hemp beading/shellcraft twine. Once it was tied securely, the boa remainder was cut loose.
one bead strand
Bead Strands
two bead strands
I thought I had ought to reinforce the entire length of the mardis gras beads but in the end, only reinforced from the last 3 sections. First, I cut the beads into lengths of 13 beads.
I knotted the red hemp twine around the third space, then half hitched between the next two joints (just turn the loop upside down and tighten it over itself in a half hitch knot). I selected gold colored beads, matching the gold foil spangles in the red feather boa.
end rings made from feather boas

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Pyrograhy (step 4)

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Finishing the bead net (step 6)

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